Floyd Landis on Larry King Live

Floyd Landis talks with Larry King on CNN, responding to allegations by Agence Fran├žaise de Lutte contre le Dopage (AFLD – the French anti doping agency) that he hacked into doping lab computers. The very idea that Landis is capable of hacking into a computer is laughable to him. “I wouldn’t know how to do that,” when he’s asked if he’s ever hacked into a computer. Landis grew up in a rural Mennonite village.

Landis continues to deny doping while also denying that he ever hacked into a computer. The French anti doping lab accuses Landis of hacking into a lab computer to steal the documents Landis used to defend himself. According to Landis, the documents were all legally provided to them by the US anti doping association through legal discovery.

The French warrant is apparently for failure to appear, but Floyd claims that he never received any notification to appear.

Click through to view the interview at YouTube.

Floyd Landis CNN Larry King Live

H/T to Rick Vosper, who writes about Larry King: “Do you suppose there’s anyone in broadcasting who knows less about cycling?”

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  1. Face it, the man is NOT GUILTY! This does not prove lack of substance use but the burden of proof, to find someone guilty (and destroy his career) was NEVER met. The goal of the Landis case has been, as still is, to get Landis to crack and testify against Armstrong.

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