Four train wrecks per day

A reminder for you that the scale of the tragedy in Belgium occurs four times a day, every single day of the year, on U.S. roads and highways. I’m not denying that this isn’t newsworthy and that mass transportation shouldn’t be safer, but I would like to inject a little perspective into it.

Redbeard cyclist


Bicleta Bandita takes the lane on Mission Street Santa Cruz and discovers it’s not so bad.

Jim Langley reviews a new book about Major Taylor. Biking Bis also looked at this book a short time back.

Fruitvale BART: Tour de Taco, Saturday, February 20th at 11:00.

Bay Guardian: “$840 a year to ride Muni? Save your cash — buy a bike!

Riding Pretty Tweed Limerick.

Take the lane legal victory in Columbus, Ohio.

Nitwit Illinois politician protests safe driving and saving lives.

Kate Hudson, yet again, on a bicycle.

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