FREE Live Video Tour de France 2010

Tour de France Live Video info and links, both free and paid, for USA and Canadian audiences.

First of all, you can watch LIVE BROADCAST VIDEO online at Versus Tour Tracker for a fee. It’s only $30.

There seem to be several pirated feeds available that bypass European country restrictions. For now, English language from Eurosport is here. And below is French language from France 2.

Watch live video from lapinous on

If you really need commentary, you could also watch some of the live English language Twitter feeds, text updates, or online audio commentary that are listed here at Cyclingfans. I know some people have rigged text to speech on their Twitter feeds to listen to Tour de France race commentary on the fly.

The best listings of Tour de France video options (free & paid, USA and International) is Steephill.TV.


  1. Hahaha! You're making me feel bad for spending the $30 for Versus Tour Tracker that has no background noise. It does stream over the iPhone Safari browser so maybe it's $30 well spent.

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