Friday bike news

Happy Friday, everybody!

Yummy bike porn at Good.Is: The Art of the Handbuilt Bicycle.

“Don’t Kill the Messenger,” about bike messengers in Washington DC, highlights the danger of biking in DC, so whatever. I’m not a messenger nor do I ride like one, but I’ve been cycling with traffic for over a couple of decades now and I’ve yet to even come close to having titanium bits inserted into my wrist. F-bomb alert in this video. I yelled at a woman driving a huge GM SUV this morning when she tried to merge directly into me, but that’s unusual. Props to Rosscott, Inc.

Riding a bike is hazardous to your health.

Cafiend on metaphorically whacking the dog’s nose with a newspaper to take his right of way.

My daughter is credited as a photographer in the current issue of Momentum Magazine.

Bike Wallet.

A Googler on Bike To Work Day last week (in the SF Bay Area):

Most days, I bike to work. No spandex, no special shoes; just me and my cruiser (and a basket on the back for my laptop). It’s about 4.5 miles door to door. Now, I give mad props to the folks who bike from San Francisco to Google every week. But biking to work is for regular folks, too. It feels great: the exercise, the fresh air and doing something “green”, all while giving my brain time to warm up for — or decompress after — a hectic work day.

So how can we get more people who live right around Google offices to get off their good intentions and on to their bikes?

Bike Parking

Bike Fetish Day NYC tomorrow. “A Block Party For Your Bicycle.”

Okay, this is Freakin’ Amazing. I think it’s time for a new pair of undershorts after this near hit.

Cyclist narrow escape from death

Make Magazine on Champ and his Scraper Bikes.

General Carlessness wildly impractical visibility ideas. She also discovers the joy of a saddle that doesn’t hurt.

Chicago BIKE THE DRIVE Real Soon Now.

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