Go Green For Jesus

Sue in Urbana sends word of something completely different: A Vacation Bible School curriculum to “Learn Green, Live Green, Go Green!” from Urban Ministries, Inc.

VBS curriculum: Go Green for Jesus

I haven’t heard much from the nascent “Creation Care” movement of Evangelical environmentalists for a couple of years as the heavily funded corporate sponsored Cornwall Alliance has effectively steamrolled them into silence, so it’s interesting to see a VBS program released this year with the idea that Christians should care for the Earth and the people of it.

The lesson plan topics are Raising Environmental Awareness, Encouraging Urban Stewardship, Prioritizing Ecosystem Protection, Engaging Community Outreach, Promoting Healthy Bodies, Plan & Animal Preservation, Eco-Volunteerism, Reducing/Reuse/Recycle, and Planning Future Environmental Actions.

Go Green for Jesus is published by Urban Ministries, Inc. — the largest independent, African American-owned and operated Christian media company. This Chicago-based media company is Evangelical in theology and rooted in the African American church tradition. According to their website, Urban Ministries publishes Sunday School and Vacation Bible School curricula, books, movies, and websites for African American churches and others seeking a diverse, Christ-centered perspective on faith and life issues.

Go Green For Jesus website (heavy Flash content with music on every page).


  1. Our young ones are very susceptible to these “Save The Planet”ideas and ideals – they want to be part of the movement to change our way of life, they feel they have a good reason to do this, and are somewhat fearless in their approach. Behind the “Green, Save the Planet” movement is an occult cabal!

    “What if Mary is another name for Gaia? Then her capacity for
    virgin birth is no miracle . . . it is a role of Gaia since life began . . .
    She is of this Universe and, conceivably, a part of God. On Earth,
    she is the source of life everlasting and is alive now;
    she gave birth to humankind and we are part of her.”
    – Sir James Lovelock, Ages of Gaia

    Look at it this way, those who want you to save the planet, are leading you down the path that will teach you that there is no God ‘out there’. The Earth is your mother – they even name her Gaia. But will she die for you? will she rise for you? and more impoirtantly can she lead you into everlasting life?

    Sure do your bit to recycle and not misuse the gifts given to you on this planet …. but be careful who it is you follow and which path they lead you down!


  2. what the fuck is the matter with people these days??most people cal themselves christins but rarelly attend church. or attend church every weekend thinking its an obligation. this image offends me personally.people use the lord to get messages out. when in reality we should have been taking care of the plant since he put us on here.people are fake and i am tired of seeing messages like this he loves us regardless of what we do.

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