Guess the price of gas

Gary Richards — aka Mr Roadshow on the Mercury News — is doing another Guess the Price of Gas On July 4 contest. The winner gets a free tank of gas.

Murph makes the suggestion that cycling commuters should enter and, if one of us wins, ask Gary to donate the winnings to the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition.

Which reminds me: I won a “green commute” contest put on by a weekly newspaper in Santa Cruz earlier this year. The prize? A free nitrogen gas tire fillup at a car tire store. Umm, yeah.


  1. I fill my tires with nitrogen. Even my bike tires get filled with nitrogen. Well, I should say it's 78% nitrogen, since that's the atmospheric content 😀

    The funny thing is, since oxygen molecules are smaller than nitrogen molecules, a tire will lose oxygen faster, and therefor contain a higher percent nitrogen than the atmosphere does. Give it enough time and top-offs, and your tires will be nearly all nitrogen anyway. And people pay for this stuff! 😀

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