Hans Rey, Danny MacAskill & Steve Peat

Three generations of trials riders / extreme mountain bikers all in one place! Hans Rey & Steve “Peaty” Peat went to Scotland to spend some time on the trails of the Scottish highlands with trials sensation Danny MacAskill.

Hans “No Way” Rey pioneered trails riding in the 70s and performed attention getting stunts like beebopping with his bike through Los Angeles freeway traffic in the 80s. Though he retired from competition in 1997, GT still sponsors him and his mountain bike adventure trips around the world.

Santa Cruz Syndicate downhill racer Steve “Peaty” Pete joined Rey for the trip to the Highlands to ride with Scottish phenom Danny “MegaSkill” MacAskill in the Scottish highlands.

The Adventure Life posted an interview with Hans Rey about this trip and his thoughts on MacAskill.

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