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Last night I ran into Carlos Babcock (Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition), Pat Giorini (Bike San Mateo County) and Shirley Johnson (San Francisco Bicycle Coalition) at a Caltrain station handing out bike tags and taking photos of people boarding the train bike car. Carlos seems amazed that he’s seen me all around Silicon Valley and the Peninsula over the past few weeks, although I live way over in Santa Cruz County. It just goes to show, I guess, that you can have plenty of mobility through public transportation and bikes.

Photos from the Big Apple’s inaugural tweed ride at Hoopla Hoop, a brand new webzine about all things New York, New York.

Solar photovoltaic bike rack. Which reminds me of Marissa, who I met in San Jose, and her solar powered ebike. She has photovoltaic panels on the cargo trailer that are used to charge her Pi Mobility electric bike.

Solar powered eBike

Ecoliving Greenstyle: Future cities without cars.

If you haven’t discovered Loving the Bike yet, go check them out and say hello. Darryl is a super positive and friendly guy.

Design Boom VELO CULTURE (via Bicycle Design, which is another consistently great cycling blog.

A Twist on Blame the victim: Cyclist Tara Butterfield was hit by a car and the motorist was found at fault and ticketed, but Tara doesn’t blame the driver and says she was ” just in the wrong place at the wrong time. ”

Bizarre: It looks like Sally’s Cycle in Islip, NY is targeted for strangely interesting user contributed bike shop reviews. “I saw the owners son trying to put down a huffy as collateral for gambling debt in Atlantic City.” “Bought a mountain bike 3 weeks ago, turned out the bike was an angry bobcat. Will not buy again.” It goes downhill from there. Way downhill.

I’ve always suspected this. 🙁

Carlton wonders about the balance between reporting fun and risks in cycling.

Mikael: Make Cycle Transport Sexy.

Bike San Diego: Increasing freeway lanes doesn’t reduce congestion.

Fast Company: Driving Makes You Fat. Via California Bicycle Coalition.

Nice Ride bike share starts in Minneapolis.

You’ve seen this one about stinky bike helmets already, right? Rick calls it adding Insult to Injury.

Finally, 8 year old kid on bike trail in suburbia killed in an awful murder. “This is the kind of place people go to escape the violence of the city,” comments Rod Dreher of the Jon Templeton Foundation, who now lives in Philadelphia but hails from this peaceful Baton Rouge suburb of 1,700 where this crime happened. He adds, “I should emphasize that the place where this happened is a well-off golfing and recreation development, not some sort of ‘Deliverance’ bog.” I grew up in cities (large and small) and their near suburbs; my picture of rural havens is informed by what I saw in “Children of the Corn.”


  1. First of all….thanks so much for mentioning me and the site in your post. I'm honored to be pointed out by someone like you who is doing such great stuff for cycling and cycling blogs.

    Your post today was super packed full of so much great information. Thanks for being such an incredible bike advocate and spreading the message for all of us.

    I love to see all these people making the world a better place by using the bike…..I'd like to join in on the “army” and take this thing global. Count me in.


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