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Toronto writer Micah Toub writes about “2 wheels = sex appeal” for his column in today’s Globe. He talks with Momentum Magazine‘s Amy Walker for the female perspective on dudes who bike.

To get an, ahem, unbiased opinion from a woman, I talked to Amy Walker, one of the founders of Momentum, a Vancouver-based magazine for “self-propelled people.” She agreed with me, though she began with a more relationship-oriented, poetic explanation.

“When you go on a date with someone in a car, you’re tied together and only one person is driving, so it’s a dominant and passive relationship,” she said. “When you’re both on a bike, you’re both in control. You’re two people who have free will and are governing themselves but choosing to ride together. I really like that metaphor.”

But then Amy goes on to say she admires the physical attributes of guys who bike. Look what’s it’s done for Cristiano Ronaldo, after all.

I’ve commented previously on how cycling makes you more attractive.


  1. By “the physical attributes of guys who bike,” you mean ripped muscular legs, a beer gut, and puny arms on the brink of being vestigial appendages, right?

  2. I don't know about ax0n but my arms get one heck of a good workout when I ride off road. In fact, I've bounced around so hard that my triceps will be sore the next day. But I also lift weights, swim and run too.

    But I really like Amy's take on the changed dynamic from traveling in a car to traveling by bicycle together. Never had it put so clearly.

  3. Looks like that topic of cycling babes is continuing to get exposure. You've done it, I've done it, Micah, and many more. No doubt about it…cyclists are sexy.

    I'll be watching for your contest details today…..no doubt it will be a tough one.


  4. I know my wife likes the way I look when I bike commute. Although it may have more to do with the fact that, after six years of working from home, she likes to see me leaving the house to go to work.

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