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Remember, the Kickstand Cyclery Alleycat continues on this Pearl Harbor Day, and will keep going until next Monday morning! If you’re looking for the checkpoint go to the home page then look around there. It should be sort of obvious.

Bike messenger on Pearl Harbor Day

Have you ever wanted your own mobile, off-grid PA system for portable sound? MonkeyLectric now has the Monkey Sound amplified PA speaker that uses an ultra-efficient 24V DC amplifier to run directly from battery or solar power without the use of inverters.

If you want to roll your own, Dan, the founder of MonkeyLectric (and co-founder of Instructables), posts detailed directions for his bike party sound trailer at Instructables because he’s awesome that way.

Dan’s MonkeyLectric is probably better known for his fantastically wonderful MonkeyLectric spoke lights. The price has come way down over the past couple of years, and through December 31 you can get another 15% off with coupon code BIKECULT791. Buy ’em here for a great Christmas gift.

I already mentioned ZPG’s free shipping through Dec 10, and their limited edition holiday season tees. But did you know that ZPG is sponsoring research to determine the truth of 53 Miles Per Burrito? Read the press release here.

Disclosure: I know both Kit @ ZPG and Dan @ MonkeyLectric personally. When I buy a shirt from Kit, he’ll throw a few extra stickers in with the order, which I then pass along to other people. I think it’s my fault, incidentally, that Kit is the bike nerd he is today. Dan gave me an early MonkeyLectric a couple of years ago and I’ve been promoting it ever since because I think it’s a fantastic product.

Other bicycle gift guides around the web

Jim’s bicycle gift guide. I’ll just say right out that I would love everything on his list.

My pal Erik in Watsonville has his own gift guide, even if he does mock my sock fetish.

Bike Hugger has a nice selection of their gear on sale, including their super handy clip and seal gizmos

Commute By Bike has their holiday gift guide. And, like Erik, they mock my sock fetish.

Please also don’t forget my own cyclist gift guide.


  1. Not mocking, I promise. I’m just not the snappy dresser you are! I have been thinking about putting together a more personalized gift list for the site but there’s so, so much I want/need!

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