Illinois bicycle safety law

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed bicycle safety legislation into law yesterday that strengthens the state’s existing 3 foot law.

In the signing ceremony at a bike shop, Governor Quinn tells parents to “Leave No Child Inside. We want as many kids as possible to bike to school, to walk to school.

“We have the share the road. The road belongs to everyone. Our bicyclists need to be protected.

“Last year we had the lowest number of traffic fatalities in Illinois since 1921. I think it’s important we maintain that record.”

The new law establishes penalties for motorists driving recklessly and unnecessarily close to, toward, or near a bicyclist. Depending on whether serious injuries result, it is either a Class A misdemeanor or Class 4 felony. he original bill text would have made the throwing objects at cyclists a Class A misdemeanor, but that provision was removed in Senate committee.

Governor Pat Quinn also signed into law a measure to fund the League of Illinois Bicyclists education programs through a $22 “Share the Road – Same Rights Same Rules” license plate.

Governor Quinn Signing Bicycle Bills from Julie Hochstadter on Vimeo.

Props to Chicago Bike Advocate.

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  1. Just a bit of clarification here. The $22 will be in addition to the $99 that most Illinois drivers have to spend to renew their license plates.

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