Interbike Ready to Ride Fashion Show

Momentum Magazine’s “Ready to Ride” will present two fashion shows this week at Interbike in Las Vegas.

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Clothing, bikes, helmets, bags, panniers and accessories from several designers will be shown at the the urban biking fashion show at 3:30 PM on each of Wednesday and Thursday afternoon in the Fashion Show Lounge at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas.

“The casual cycling apparel category has continued to grow along with the growth in transportation, urban and utility cycling,” said Rich Kelly, Interbike’s marketing manager. “With many influences and trends coming from outside of the mainstream bike industry, the fashion show aims to showcase the latest styles, brands and apparel to the industry. The success of our fashion show has drawn fashion designers, and apparel and bike companies to Interbike whose influence reaches beyond bike shops, and we want this year’s fashion show to convey that.”

Ready-to-Ride will feature stylish clothing, bikes and accessories for a broad audience of cyclists that suit high-fashion to recreation styles and urban to family needs. Interbike is once again partnering with Momentum Magazine to present the show.

You can see bike ready fashions from a number of designers, including

Momentum Ready to Ride 2011 Interbike Fashion Show Flyer

Note: There are several other contributors to this fashion show. Please let me know who else to mention. I’d also be glad to publish fashion show photos once they’re available — just let me know where to find them.

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