iPhone controlled Smart Pedelec

Smart Automobile unveiled a new pedal assist electric bike at the Paris Auto Show. The Smart ebike features a smartphone cradle / dock through which the phone displays motor and battery status and controls the motor.

Most electric bikes are controlled through simple handlebar mounted controls through which the rider turns the motor on or off, selects a power level, and checks battery status. On Smart’s new prototype ebike, these functions are provided through a smartphone mounted on a handlebar cradle. Other cycle computer functions are available through Smart’s iPhone app: speed, distance traveled, temperature, and heart rate, and other iPHone apps for navigation or music are also available for use. The phone is charged through the docking station from the bike’s battery.

When the phone is not docked, the bike is locked. The bike is pedal assist, which means no throttle, and you must pedal for the electric motor to kick in. The smallish 36 volts 9.6 Ah Li-Ion battery provides 30 to 90 km of range, depending on which of 4 power modes you select for the 250 watt hub motor. Electric bikes are limited to 250 watt motors in Europe.

The video below from Smart shows the bike’s build and (very briefly at 1:28) shows the iPhone app in use.

From Bike Europe and other sources.

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