Japan: Handmade Bicycle Fair

There’s something called the “Handmade Bicycle Fair” going on this weekend at the the Tokyo Science Museum.

Interesting (to me) is that they actually pronounce something like “Handmade Bicycle Fair,” approximating the English pronunciation with the katakana characters [ ハンドメイドバイシクルフェア ]. This comes out in the Japanese something like “hando medo baisikuru fe,” or, if you prefer more American phonetic spelling: “handoh maidoh buy seek koo roo feh.” Get it?

It appears they have a couple of dozen exhibitors. One of the speakers was the SANO MAGIC mahogany bike guy I mentioned the other day.

I’ve seen a handful of Tokyo Bike Fair photos on Flickr; if I have time over the weekend I’ll look for the goodies and post.

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