Joseph Ahearne San Francisco visit

Portland framebuilder Joesph Ahearne will be in San Francisco this weekend for the Sunday Streets ride. He’ll have a handful of his Cycle Trucks on hand for test rides at Warm Planet and other bike shops in San Francisco.

Ahearne Cycle Truck front mount options

Ahearne’s Cycle Truck has a traditional bicycle wheelbase, so you can bring it aboard bike friend public transit. It’s light relative to other cargo bikes, so you can bring it up apartment stairs. The front rack can carry up to 200 pounds of cargo, and because the rack is attached to the frame instead of the front fork, handling is a lot like a normal (albeit heavily laden) bike. The 20″ front wheel lowers the center of gravity of the load.

You can read more about the Ahearne Cycle Truck here. Or you can try it for yourself this Saturday through Tuesday. To make an appointment, contact Joseph through Twitter or via email [ info at ahearnecycles dot com ], or you can call him at (503) 473-2102.

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