JRA: Just Riding Along

I tweeted a link from Bike Intelligencer who described it as “worst JRA ever!“, and somebody asked me,

“What is ‘JRA’?”

“JRA” means “Just Riding Along,” which a bike shop meme having to do with strange bicycle failures, especially if warranty issues are involved. “I was Just Riding Along when my brand new bike spontaneously exploded!”

Usage at the bike shop might be something like this: “Hey chief,” says the bike shop mechanic with the customer present. “Can we do anything about this JRA broken handlebar?”

What are your JRA stories?


  1. Back in my days as a bike shop employee, I remember a few “JRA” failures that looked suspiciously like the results of driving a bike on a roof rack into a garage door or backing over it with a car. I was always amazed that people would actually try to make some of those warranty claims with a straight face.

  2. …the term “jra” by shop employees & warranty claims managers is generally followed by the rolling of eyes equivalently commensurate with the physical proximity of the customer…

    …if not outright laughter…

  3. I once had a customer say, “I was just riding along when I hit this leaf. It put a huge dent in my wheel. It's still under warranty, though.” The wheel indeed had a large, right angled dent about 4 or 5 inches deep, just as if he'd hit a curb or a storm grate. Another customer commented with a straight face, “That must have been a hell of a big leaf.”

    I didn't fix it as a warranty repair.

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