La Primavera – Milan San Remo

La Primavera — Milan to San Remo in Italy — is the original “Spring Classic” bike race. This 300 km one day race takes place this Saturday, March 20, 2010.

Milan to San Remo is the earliest of the “Classic” European bike races on the professional racing calendar. The legendary Eddy Merckx holds the record with seven victories in this race. This is also the race where Erik Zabel famously lost to Oscar Freire when Zabel did his victory salute over the finish line while Freire continued to push and nosing just ahead of Zabel over the line.

The long flat course favors sprinters, and it especially favors sprinters who work to stay in shape over the winter. Manx sprinter Mark cavendish has set his sights on winning this race to defend his 2009 title. Lance Armstrong will also participate in this race.

For 2010 race results, follow the Steephill.TV Milan – San Remo dashboard.

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  1. Milan-San Remo is going to be broadcast on Universal Sports TV. That's channel 11.3 (free over-the-air broadcast TV) in the San Francisco area. Last year's race will be re-run at noon on Friday. This year's race is at noon on Saturday (also re-run at 5pm). The broadcast is 2 hours long; probably the last 2 hours of the race.

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