Major Taylor Movie

Producers Scott Mednick (produced “Where the Wild Things Are”, “10000 BC”, “Superman Returns”, “Ant Bully”, “We Are Marshal”) and Michael Dubrow (Entrepreneur:,, Vision Capital) are creating “Major The Movie” through their production company Major Motion Productions.

Major The Movie will tell the story of professional bike racer Marshall “Major” Taylor, the first black world champion of any leading sport and the first black athletic superstar who achieved his fame and fortune at the end of the 19th Century.

There’s no information about production timeline or any other details at the movie website, but Michael Dubrow posted this preview of the film to YouTube a couple of weeks ago.

Steve @ Velopaint suggests that perhaps Rahsaan Bahati could play the lead. I’m sure Rahsaan would agree with Major Taylor’s “12 Don’ts”:

Don’t try to gyp.
Don’t be a pie biter.
Don’t keep late hours.
Don’t use intoxicants.
Don’t be a big bluffer.
Don’t eat cheap candies.
Don’t get a swelled head.
Don’t use tobacco in any form.
Don’t fail to live a clean life.
Don’t forget to play the game fair.
Don’t take in unfair advantage of an opponent.
Don’t forget the practice of good sportsmanship.

The only screen treatment of I’ve heard of on Major Taylor is “Tracks of Glory,” an Australian TV miniseries produced almost 20 years ago.


  1. Marshall Taylor cycled through Crow and won the crowds from Australia to Boston. It is the greatest underdog story in sports history. At a time where cycling was more popular than baseball, Marshall “Major” Taylor, defied the world.

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