Market Street Squeeze

I took this photo of this San Francisco Market Street cyclist getting the squeeze in 2006. The photo doesn’t show it well, but the driver pulled to the cyclist’s left, pulled up alongside her, and then nudged her right into the curb.

So there’s some irony in SF Appeal’s use of my photo to illustrate a hatchet piece griping about law breaking cyclists. And never mind that the SF Appeal editor failed to read and follow my photo license terms.

Market Street cyclist getting the squeeze

I’m curious: why are people still searching for “tour de france streaming”? Do you have any insights?

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Bike wash

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  1. Hi, Richard. Eve Batey, editor of SF Appeal, here. I regret that I only clicked through on the “license” link on the flickr photopage for the photo we used in Ramona's humorously-intended column (I feel terrible that you found it a hatchet piece, as that was not how it was intended) to determine how to attribute your photo.

    Clearly I should have kept clicking until I got to your profile page to see exactly how you wanted the photo attributed! You are right, I failed!

    Since it's obvious that our using this photo to illustrate the points of this column (that coexistence and more bike lanes are key) distresses you, we've removed it.

    If you have any additional concerns, please do feel free to contact me any time at

    Oh! And I should add, though this is absolutely no excuse, that I actually modeled how I attributed your photo after how it was credited on Streetsblog:

    Which, I emphasize again, is no excuse — but I actually went to that post looking for that photo of yours, because I remembered it and thought it perfect for the piece. That in no way excuses me from clicking through to the proper page on flickr to find your attribution requirements.

  2. @Brock: The Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license says, in part: “Attribution — You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor.” The manner specified is indicated on my profile page, and I make it clear that just linking to the Flickr page doesn't meet the terms of my license. When I use CC photos from Flickr (or other sources), I likewise look for the license terms.

  3. Well played, Eve. You simultaneously took the high ground and pwnd me.

    Let that be a lesson to the rest of you all: Don't post when you're feeling exceptionally cranky.

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