Mayors on bicycles

Happy Hump Day.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa fell off of his bike and broke his elbow after a cab driver pulled out abruptly in front of His Honor the other week.

The Mayor is now calling for a city Bike Summit to improve the city’s bike safety record.

In other news, Vancouver BC Mayor Gregor Robertson had his own brush with traffic death…. when he ran a red light without looking directly in front of a city bus. Don’t do that.

Speaking of city buses and crosswalks….

A woman riding a bicycle wears a face mask as she travels down a main street on a hot, hazy day in Beijing

Online Bike Safety video library.

MAKE a kids’ bike jump.

Good Is wonders about Bike Polo.

MAKE: “all terrain bike” looks like something you’d see at a kinetics race.

Good on Scraper Bike.

SkyRide - Bath

WIRED: 4 man quadricycle looks like something you’d see at Maker Faire.

Another cargo bike collection with some of the usual suspects and a few extras.

London Bike Superhighways: The Cheers and the jeers.

Fast Company: Bike branding moves beyond the hipster ghetto.

Carry a big stick.

A man ride his bicycle with a banner of Korkaew Pikulthong in Bangkok

Sweater Bike.

The price of gas around the world. Factoid: Filling up in Copenhagen will set you back about $110.

DIY Power Coating.

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