Mercedes vs Bike

NYC bike messenger Austin Horse shills for Mercedes in this bike vs car competition from Harlem to the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s an ad for Mercedes-Benz, but guess who wins?

In the setup to this little race, the driver complains the cyclist gets to ride “like a bat out of hell,” while he actually has to “follow the traffic laws.” The video shows Austin cycling like a maniac, while the driver sits comfortably in his climate controlled, quiet, and civilized automobile.

This is a refreshing change from many other car commercials that demonstrate illegally dangerous driving.

What do you think? Evil attempt by Mercedes to suck up to cyclists to show off the creature comforts of their cars? A nice example of multiple modes getting along?

Via Prolly.


  1. Not sure if i like the ad. The bit where they command centre guy is talking with the driver, about traffic rules. Just seems a bit “oh he never follows traffic laws” Most cyclists follow the rules.

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