Boy told to remove flag from bike

This is just silly. A Central Valley middle school tells a student to take his flag off of his bicycle because other students complained.

13 year old Cody Alicea rides his bike to Denair Middle School on the outskirts of Modesto, California. A big American flag waves from the back of his bike as he rides.

According to news reports, school officials said they feared the flag could inflame racial tensions, and told Cody to remove the flag after they received anonymous complaints.



  1. I gotta wonder what the rest of the dynamics are, as well as how that big ol’ thing doesn’t fall down on occasion and get dragged in the mud… what are the personalities here? What *other* messages do this kiddo and the complaining anonymous ones send in their words and actions? The adult ones seem to lack the basics in helping kiddos communicate.

  2. This is absolutely sickening. You do not and should not need to use any rights to fly the flag of this nation anytime or anywhere. Anyone or any organization who sees this nations flag as possibly causing racial tension needs to leave and go back to what ever country you came from.

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