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Yesterday morning, while one of my friends tried to tell me that cell phone use doesn’t cause distracted driving, divers fished the body of an Antioch woman out of the water after she drove her Ford Expedition into the Sacramento River. She was on the phone with her daughter when she drove her vehicle onto a boat ramp and into the river. Just before the call was cut off, the victim told her daughter that her car was filling up with water and to phone her insurance company.

Bikes As Art.

A bike shop in Altlandsberg, Germany fastened of bicycles to their building facade.

ALTLANDSBERG, GERMANY - AUGUST 16: Hundreds of bicycles hang on a facade of a bike shop on August 16, 2010 in Altlandsberg near Berlin, Germany. The shop offers on his new area up to 1000 new bicycles for kids and adults, services and is a popular shop in his region. (Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

A shift in Tuscon PD policy regarding ticketing scofflaw cyclists and motorists?

[Tuscon PD Sergeant Jerry] Skeenes said they are using plain-clothes bicycle officers who are are being followed by an unmarked police car looking for drivers who violate the three-foot law. Bicycle officers often get more room than regular cyclists, but said cars do pass too closely occasionally. According to Skeenes, the bicycle officers often can not catch up to cars. The unmarked police car allows the vehicles to be caught to cite the driver.

I’m apparently one of the geekiest cyclists on Flickr.

Inclement weather? Police say ride your bike.

Murph’s Caltrain weekend service proposal.

Is mountain biking too dangerous?

Tuscon cyclist doored and in a coma loses his apartment and his belongings and left destitute.

You should know about this trick if you have a garage door opener.

Jim Langley and end of summer tips.

A Madison WI cycling safety instructor and sidewalk cycling advice. Mostly, his advice is “don’t.”

Bikes and Style in ELLE Magazine.

Sac Cycle Chic Reader submissions.

FAIL Blog: Bike Lock FAIL.

Bike Hugger: Hidden Nipple.

Bike on Bike Action.

Carlos @ the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition has been busy with posts:


  1. There's no excuse for that FAIL bike locking job. But there's also no excuse for the shopping center to not provide an actual bike rack. I once had to hang my bike on a stop sign with those round, trapezoidal concrete bases. I hate it.

  2. Wow, this post has it all…doesn't it? You really know how to cram a lot of cool stuff into one post. I liked the garage door video….interesting. I left a comment for the guy claiming you as the geekiest cyclists on flickr. Not sure about that, but you do know how to write, cycle, and promote.


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