Morgan Hill motorist: guilty of vehicular manslaughter


Synopsis: Cyclist Bruce Finch was riding his bike on Uvas Road in Morgan Hill, CA on October 5, 2008 when motorist Rita Campos illegally ran the stop sign into Uvas Road, killing Mr Finch. In spite of the myth that motorists are law abiding citizens while cyclists are all law breaking miscreants who deserve what they get, Santa Clara County Attorney Marcia Wallis prosecuted this case, and brought in competent expert testimony that convinced the jury that Campos had to have run the stop sign and then moved her car to hide the evidence of her careless driving.

A big thank you to Ms Wallis for her good work on this case.

Morgan Hill resident Rita Campos, who insisted that she safely followed traffic laws when attempting to make the left turn that killed a Gilroy cyclist, was found guilty of vehicular manslaughter Monday.

More in the Morgan Hill Times. And please drive carefully; the life you save might be mine.

The Three E’s of traffic safety are Engineering, Enforcement and Education, so I’m happy to see number two in use in this instance. Props to Mr Paul Metz.

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  1. Sorry to be a bummer, but here in Toronto an ex Attorney General (Bryant) killed a messenger (Sheppard) last August, and had all charges dropped before trial. However, that's more a social-justice than transportation issue.

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