Mr Newton’s Bike Girls

Mr Newton is a New York City fashion photographer who gets around on a marvelous old blue mixte frame bike. “Yeah, it’s a girls bike – so what?” he writes. “I paid $70 for it at the Hester Street Flea.”

San Francisco bike people may think Mr Newton’s blue bike looks a lot like Meli’s wonderful blue bike or Reese’s mixte frame blue bike (which I can’t find a photo of at the moment!)

The below is not a photo of Mr Newton or his bicycle — they’re photos by Mr Newton (and republished here with his very kind permission). Isn’t that puppy in the basket adorable?

Mr Newton Bike Girl

A few months ago, Mr Newton shot an NYC “Street Chic” series for Elle Magazine. He’s now posted some of those photos to his own site.

Mr Newton Bike Girl

You can see Mr Newton’s entire set (including a photo of his blue girl’s bike) at his blog post “Hey Bike Girl!


  1. Growing up, we had 4 of the same Peugeot bikes, they had a distinctive color scheme for their bikes.

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