NAHBS 2010 Sunday Roundup

The 2010 North American Handmade Bicycle Show ended Sunday with awards handed out and exhausted exhibitors and attendees returning home to upload their photos for the rest of us to drool at, like this one of Signal Cycles headbadge by Ed Ip and used with his permission.

Signal Cycles headbadge, NAHBS 2010 RVA

NAHBS 2010 Award Winners: Best Road Frame Bilenky; Best Track Frame Richard Sachs; Best Carbon Fiber Nick Crumpton; Best Titatanium Kent Ericksen. See the the NAHBS news release for all the winners.

I plan to cover Renold Yip’s Yipsan bikes a little more later — he won the “People’s Choice” and “Best City Bike” awards. Yipsan is one of my favorites and I’m glad he got those awards.

Urban Velo: Day 3 Bike Porn.

Enjoy Ed Ip’s slideshow from his Day 2 images.

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