Never buy gas again


Photo by Craig C., who comments, “In Berkeley, California, where even the delinquent vandals are environmentally conscious.”

This photo was making the rounds via Twitter yesterday without attribution, so I thought I’d give credit where it’s due.


On a vaguely related topic, what do you all think of the BP Boycott proposal making the rounds in email, Facebook, Twitter, etc?


  1. The BP boycott? Not sure how it will help the problem. Taking funds away when they're needed for the cleanup seems counterproductive. But then again, they're only on the hook for $75MM according to Federal law, then we taxpayers will be footing the bill. Furthermore, BP's just the one who had the misfortune of being the worst offshore failure. There are probably countless spills we don't hear about.

  2. Ah, the brilliance of the BP Boycott. Nevermind that petrol is a fungible product. Boycotting BP will have nearly zero effect on them.

  3. =v= There are two varieties of boycott. A targeted boycott does have impact if there's a strong enough campaign behind it. Coors, Nestle, GE, McDonalds, Exxon, etc. certainly did suffer from effective boycotts, but of course they'll never admit it. A dear friend started the Boycott BP group on Facebook, though of course there will need to be much more to such a campaign.

    The other type of boycott is a personal boycott. You may not be able to sway a large company, but you can at least refuse to support them any. This could well be a moral or spiritual imperative. My realization that every oil company is doing some kind of evil was part of what has motivated me to go carfree.

  4. Beyond Petro and into your seas… I've always boycotted “green” BP and will continue to do so. Yes oil is fungible but trading comes with costs. How many homes along the Gulf will now be underwater? Will they be compensated? Another rising set of expenses for the public as a consequence of our addictions to cheap oil.

  5. It isn't about boycotting BP. That shows a limited scope of thought, IMO (although, if that is what gets you thinking then go for it). The conversation needs to be about how we make it possible to no longer need BP, or any of the oil companies. We are ALL responsible for the Gulf spill. All of us feed into the demand that makes oil companies too big and powerful to control.

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