NYC Bike Culture Summit THURSDAY

This is tomorrow, folks! Get your tickets here. Sorry for the late notice.

As urban cycling expands by leaps and bounds, how is bicycle culture changing? The image and ethos of commuters, racers proponents of “cycle chic” and outlaw cycling vie with each other to define what it means to be an urban cyclist. Transportation Alternatives brings together leading pundits of bicycle culture to debate the bike culture issues:

* Do cyclists need to rehabilitate their public persona?

* To what extent should safety trump convenience and style?

* Will protected bike lanes segregate cyclists?

* Is Critical Mass a boon or a liability for the bike movement?

* What can be done about sexism in the cycling community?

The “Bike Culture Summit” is a benefit event for New York City’s Transportation Alternatives. The panelists are:

* David Herlihy, author of Bicycle and the forthcoming Lost Cyclist.

* “Bike Snob,” the popular and elusive blogger, will make a rare public appearance at this event, following publication of his long-awaited book on bike culture in late April.

* Caroline Samponaro, Director of Bicycle Advocacy for Transportation Alternatives, is a longtime New York City cyclist and cycling activist, and is a co-founder of the Freewheels Bicycle Defense Fund.

Bike Summit sponsors are Kona Bicycles, Nutcase Helmets, Brooklyn Bike and Board, Mod Squad Cycles, and Spokesman Cycles.

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  1. =v= I love Paul Steely White to death, but I've been bugged by some of the stuff he's said about public persona, and the misemphasis on Critical Mass. You can spend all your time doing good things and still people will misunderstand.

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