Pedal Powered New Year

For the third year in a row, celebrities will use their legs to generate electricity for the New Year festivities in New York City.

Joey Wolffer rides a bicycle

Duracell’s “Rover” bikes will be set up around New York City where people can hop on and pedal to produce power for the Times Square celebration. One Rover is at the Times Square visitor center, while the other one travels in a mobile recharging station pulled by a large truck, which is beyond silly and misses the whole concept of sustainability by about a mile.

But never mind that — Fashion Celebrities are involved! On Thursday, Carson Kressley, Tinsley Mortimer, Charlotte Ronson, Joey Wolffer, Richie Rich and Robert Verdi got together at one of these mobile charging stations Thursday and got pumped up to create some energy. Since it’s not quite New Year’s Eve yet, the power is put to good use charging your mobile device, if you want.

To find the current location of the mobile charging station and sit in the same seat that Richie Rich sat in, visit Duracell’s Facebook page.

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