Patrick Male rides a bike. With one leg.

As I pushed my bike up a steep hill at Sea Otter last week I noticed the kid on the mountain bike in front of me pedaling only with his left leg. At first I thought he was goofing off or showing off. Then I noticed his right leg was missing!

Patrick Male

Patrick Male from Half Moon Bay lost his right leg to cancer at age 10. He competes against two legged mountain bikers with humor, grace, a wonderfully positive attitude and a quick wit. This video tells his story much better than I can.


  1. Alarico Moura, or Alá, is a brazilian who lost his left leg when he was runned over by a car when he was 34. Then he started cycling. He says he always start the day with his right foot. He is an inspiration to many. We can see two videos of him, in portuguese:

    People like this two shows that we must persist and never give up, cause nothing is impossible, and there is always someone with a bigger problem than ours.

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