Patrick Pogan sentencing: Nothing

The NYPD officer who was caught on video bodyslamming Christopher Long and convicted of falsifying a criminal complaint on Long was sentenced by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Maxwell Wiley.

The prosecution asked for prison time plus probation for the felony conviction. Pogan’s defense asked for community service. Judge Maxell Wiley gaven Pogan… nothing. No sentence. No punishment.

“The defendant doesn’t need any further supervision by the court and the verdict is conditional discharge, period,” said Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Maxwell Wiley.

Read more: Patrick Pogan, NYPD cop who pushed a Critical Mass cyclist to the ground, gets no jail time.


  1. man stuff like this makes you think that the police aren't held to a higher standard even though they should….

  2. …absolutely disgusting…but nothing surprises me…

    …i hope there is no way that he can be reinstated as a cop…but nothing surprises me – x2…

  3. Come on – he just attacked a cyclist, it's not like he committed a real offense, like impeding traffic or something.

  4. What the heck did you expect?
    Lil' Patrick is 3rd generation oinker….

    You can bet his grampa and his daddy did some major string pulling.

  5. Tell me something about the US: why is it that people in authority are less accountable for their actions than normal people? I would think that when people in authority commit an offense, they should be more severely judged so as to send a strong signal that they are held to higher standards when serving the public.

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