Rain in Santa Rosa

The previous editions of the Amgen Tour of California have started on Presidents Day weekend in February. Rain and cold weather has been a problem for viewers, for the cyclists, and for the aircraft orbiting overhead that shoot video and relay radio traffic from the bike race to ground stations so the rest of the world can follow the world online.

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The weather was a big part of the reason Tour of California organizers moved the race to May. They took a gamble, because this week competes with another huge bike race in Europe somewhere. They might not get the caliber of riders they might otherwise attract in a February race.

Irony: Before 2010, the Tour of California has started on Presidents Day Weekend. This year, Santa Rosa was sunny, dry and 66° on that weekend. It was a lovely weekend for a bike race last February.

Tomorrow’s race from San Francisco to Santa Cruz should be much nicer!

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