Red bikes, red dawn

I finally see the communist conspiracy in Denver’s bike program!

Dan Maes has since changed his tune and says he’s not against bikes when he followed through on Emily Litella’s script and said, “Never mind,” but I understand his reaction last week when he tied bikes to a communist, anti-American insurgency. He looked at the red bikes used in the city of Denver bike share program.

Denver bike share bikes - red

Instead of seeing friendly, unassuming bikes that can offer freedom, fun and a little exercise for millions of people, Mr Maes unmasked the hidden Red Peril!

China red propaganda art

We’ve gotta hand it to Mr Maes for exposing the hidden agenda so cleverly disguised in the color of the bikes!

I’ve dug a little more, and discovered Chinese printers are stockpiling these propaganda posters for their planned invasion and “liberation” of Amerika!

Red Dawn Propaganda: Rebuilding Your Reputation

The Chinese dominance in the American bike industry was only a first step, and China has now overtaken the United States in car production!

Red Dawn 2010 Propaganda Posters

(H/T to @BurleyTrailers for the inspiration.)

Bikes are a commie conspiracy


  1. It appears the Republicans are getting very desperate. From what I understand there is a specific tax that was started for the building of some or most of the bicycle trails and paths. I have always used motor vehicles as a tool. They have there place. Bicycles have there place also. The bicycle bogy man is going to destroy are freedom speech is getting old. Dan Maes may have cooked his own goose with that inflammatory not so well calculated speech about UN control over the bicycle community. The only thing that is trying to take over the country is the lack of respect for human life. When it comes to making roads better and safer for all road users people like Dan Maes are not on the public side. That speech was probably prepared by one of the auto moron lobbyists.

  2. Hi Rich, and thanks for your comment. You might be thinking of the $4 bicycle excise tax in Colorado Springs which is used for that city's bike facilities.

  3. =v= A week later, Dan Maes is still running around defending his remark. It wasn't until today, though, that I understood the true hidden and nefarious meaning of Denver's bikeshare.

    It's not the red paint, comrade, it's the fact that there's no “I” in B-Cycle. Obviously a plot against individualism.

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