Robert Gibbs rides a bicycle

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs apparently rides a bicycle, if this Tweet from him is any indication.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs tweet about local bike shop

Mr. Gibbs rides “a sweet new Trek bike“, and tweets about his “15 miles on the new bike … more hills and lots of wind today but still a pretty day.” He also solicits advice on saddle comfort after an 18 mile ride.

The Heritage Foundations calls the Obama Press Secretary’s endorsement of the local bike shop an abuse of power.

Author Rory Cooper wonders, “Will every business Robert Gibbs walks into now offer him special treatment in the hopes he gives them a shout-out or endorsement?”

I wonder what they think of former President George Bush’s well publicized mountain bike rides on Trek and Cannondale bikes — all of them gifts from the respective bike companies? Incidentally, Revolution Cycles is also where President Bush took his mountain bikes for maintenance. And what of President Reagan’s well known fondness for Jelly Belly jelly beans? Finally, has anybody attempted a bad ‘influence peddling’ pun with this story yet?

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