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AToC Sacramento meetup

I met Lorena last year in Sacramento. She’s very nice. Lorena rides a bike around Sacramento and writes Sac Cycle Chic. She locked her bike up at the Davis, CA Amtrak station for a quick coffee run. There’s a Top Secret Rule at the Davis Amtrak Station: You may not lock your bikes up at the station.

The rule is top secret because there are no signs posted to that effect. An Amtrak employee privy to this secret rule cut Lorena’s U lock and tossed her bike outside the station. The bike was stolen immediately. Lorena returned to find the bike missing. The Amtrak employee, who believes the general public is also privy to his Top Secret rules, called Lorena an “imbecile.”

Complete story in The Sacramento Bee.


  1. Wait, Davis? Davis, California? Bike-friendly Davis, California? Platinum-level bike-friendly Davis, California? That's just messed up.

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