Stolen Richard Sachs bicycle RECOVERED

Don’t steal bikes, Bro.

Chas’ reported the theft of his red Sachs bike and a KHS fixed gear bike out of his garage in Los Altos, CA Monday afternoon by “somebody driving a brown minivan.”

Just three hours later, from the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition and Alto Velo mailing lists…

> – the bikes have been recovered
> – the perps’ minivan is impounded.
> – the perps are booked into San Jose Gray Bar Hotel.


  1. The Los Altos PD always get their man. The victim provided a good description of the van, and local police spotted it and pulled it over.

    I heard another story of a pannier full of gear that was stolen off of a bike, same city (Los Altos, CA). Pannier recovered (less some cash) a few days later when police saw the bike gear in the back seat during a traffic stop.

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