Sturmey Archer 2 Speed Hub

Sturmey Archer’s 2 speed Duomatic kickback hubs are now available.

Sturmey Archer B2C Duomatic Kickback hub

Sturmey Archer’s 2 speed Duomatic hubs give you direct drive at the ‘low’ speed, and a 38% higher gear in the ‘high’ gear. No cables are used to switch gears — you just kick the pedals back to switch between low and high gear with these hubs. To engage the coaster brake, just apply a little more pressure on the kickback.

Sturmey Archver S2C Duomatic 2 speed kickback hub

This 2 speed hub is a reincarnation of Sach’s old Torpedo Duomatic from the 1960s. S-A expects to sell about a zillion of these 2 speed hubs to young urban cyclists who like the tarck bike look, but want something a little more practical with gears and a brake without the messy cables getting in the way of their aesthetic. There’s also the S2 brakeless version that Sturmey Archer says will be available Real Soon Now.

Brakeless version in 148mm and 160mm axle width. B2C and S2C only in 162mm axle width. 36 spoke holes, 53mm flange, takes 13T to 22T sprockets. Brakeless S2 is 920 grams; coaster brake version is 1400 grams.


  1. OMGdroolwantwantwant. I never even knew such a cool thing existed. I ride a SS in a very hilly city, and always want just one more gear to work with.

  2. I ride a Sturmey Archer AW-equipped bike on hilly roads and I rarely use the 1:1 ratio, switching from first which is 33% lower to 3rd which is 33% higher. 2nd (1:1) is only useful on slight grades. Going from 1:1 to 38% higher may be enough of a difference for the gears to be useful with smaller drive gears, but a wider gap would be even better.

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