A personal note
The religious observations this weekend represent an event that’s a Pretty Big Deal for me. If you’re so inclined, feel free to visit my church in San Jose at 878 Boynton Avenue. You won’t see me at the morning service (10 AM) unless you ask somebody for me; there’s also an evening service at 6:30 PM. The evening tends to be a bit dressier than the evening morning, if that’s important to you. If you find me in the morning we can probably go out for lunch somewhere (not sure what my lunch plans are yet).

And yes, of course you’re welcome to ride your bike there. Bring a lock.


  1. My wife, ahh, Morgan Fairchild (that's the ticket) had me put that in there to, ahh, to make sure — yeah, to make sure you're paying attention. Yeah, that's the ticket.

  2. And here i just added cyclelicious to my feeds. Dangit. The world needs more folks to carefully consider their transportation choices, and religion is the opposite of this kind of critical thought.

    It is not a big mental leap from the notion of being god's chosen people to the notion of being the world's most entitled energy consumers, sufficiently so to start wars or kill cyclists in impatience over it.

    See you on the bikeways.

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