Maybe Lance Armstrong gets his inspiration from Brett Favre? The NFL quarterback announced his third retirement.

Multiple retirements for sports stars doesn’t seem too unusual. Willie Mays and Joe Namath had their comeback attempts. Armstrong’s marathon run reminds me of Michael Jordan’s baseball venture.

Even my dad is on his third and final retirement. He was active duty military for 25 years, got bored and took a second career in the corporate world, retired again, got bored again so took on a different kind of corporate management career and finally retired again a few years ago. Today he keeps himself busy as an active member of a mountain search and rescue team, and he’s nearly 70 years old. He also works part time at an Apple store just to keep himself occupied and stay close to fun gadgets.

Women’s mountain biking survey: A mountain bike tour company wants to know why women mountain bike and what the mountain biking community can do to encourage more women to try the sport. Info and survey here.

girl in short shorts on pink bicycle

Ecovelo on The California State Fair “Pedaling to Adventure” exhibit.

SF Bay Area: Great Race for Clean Air.

A pricey bike basket.

Ride a bike and add 14 months to your life.

Look who’s loving the bike.

SJ Bike Party

Politics Daily: RAGBRAI is summer camp for older people.

The average age on the ride this year? Almost 44, with about 39 percent of the riders 50 or older. Bands play mostly ’70s and ’80s hits at beer gardens all along the way.

And because it’s a politics blog, they talk about the politics and campaigning along the RAGBRAI route.

Kickstand Coffee is a bike powered mobile coffee shop in Brooklyn.

Grist: Denver mayor and Colorado guv candidate talks bike-sharing, light rail, and coal .

WIRED: bike tires with embedded LEDs.

San Jose Bike Party

Halfanese Smoke & Water.

Pedal Pushers double super secret sale has $10 Ts, $25 bike jerseys and jackets, $16 windbreaker.

Livestrong in trouble after doping allegations.

Umm, okay. A “weight saving” folding water bottle. Rick puts this in the “Unclear on the Concept Department.”

“Inception” star Joseph Gorden Levitt wrecks a bicycle. And himself. Film at 11.

What are Brett Favre’s retirement plans? He’s training for the Leadville 100 mountain bike race where he plans to take on Lance Armstrong for the title. [Props to CXHairs. And it’s a joke — that photo is from 1993.]

Fin. Photos in this post are from the July San Jose Bike Party ride.

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  1. Living near some mountains might help…

    Actually, understanding what mountain biking really is might help. Is it like backpacking on wheels? Are mountains even required, or is the dirt trail the distinguishing factor? Maybe I should take that survey.

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