Tuesday bike news

I wasn’t able to make it to the Titus mountain bike demo last weekend in Santa Cruz. When I got hit by the car the other week, my eyeglasses were smashed to bits. I haven’t been able to find my backup specs, so I went up to San Francisco to visit Optical Underground.

My buddy Erik, though, made it to Delaveaga Park and tried out his first 29er — the Titus RockStar. You can read his impressions here.

Cycle & Style: Women are better cyclists.

Suicide machine?

Transit’s Zoom Woosh problem. <-- Interesting read. Did I already post this link? “ Tyler Strandberg of Rocky Mount has a hard time getting her mind off her BlackBerry when she drives. She has crashed three cars in the past three years. Each time, she was distracted from her driving because she was typing text messages or talking on the phone.

Greater Greater Washington: 12 ways our region could reform bicycling laws.

Chris: Bicycles & Business Design.

SF Bay Guardian on SF Critical Mass and Gascon’s review.

Los Gatos, CA: A cyclist was killed Monday morning after he was struck by a Chevy Blazer. The motorist, who somehow rolled his SUV in a 30 mph zone and damaged several street signs and the signal lights, was hospitalized. A witness reports the motorist was driving at a high speed and passing stopped traffic on the right.

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