French aspirations, American bikes

While we Americans are agog over European style city bikes, guess what the French are into?

That’s right, they want American style bikes.

United Cruiser is a French brand of unapologetically American style bikes. They have a couple of fixed gear bikes described as “Simple and indestructible bikes for a new generation of urban Free Riders.” The name of the company belies their true focus on balloon tire cruiser bikes.

They openly admire American culture, listing “Rock n ‘Roll, American cinema, chewing gum, Coca Cola, Lucky Strike cigarettes, Zippo lighter, Converse sneakers and Fender guitars are all universal symbols of this new culture!” Helen Remy and Renaud Poutot were vacationing in southern California when they found inspiration at Charlie Chaplin’s old United Artists theater in downtown Los Angeles. “We’ll call our bikes United Cruiser,” they decided.

More at United Cruiser.

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