1. I use my bike to get around town. I would like a cargo bike or something similar. Computers are just to large for by little basket.

  2. I couldn't use it stacking stuff that high, that's for sure, but I do use it for just about any transportation — oh, yea, and blending snow cones and margaritas.

  3. I use my bike to escape household chores, diminish stress, and enjoy peaceful time to myself, while contemplating what matters most on any particular day.

  4. I’ve been doing my bit to facilitate more utility biking her in the US. I’ve been making affordable cargo trailers with recycled materials in Minneapolis. To find out more you can check out http://www.redbiketrailer.com. I think trailers are a good way to turn existing bicycles into haulers (and back again if you just want to ride) Of course the the dedicated hauling bike are fine products but expensive and not everybody cares for the ride when they are unloaded

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