Volkswagen dancing girls

And there’s also something in this video about an e-bike that folds small enough to replace the spare tire in your car trunk.

Not sure I’d really call this an “e-bike” since there’s no provision at all to pedal it — it’s more like a really slow electric scooter (top speed: 12.5 MPH). Unlike Lexus and their plans for the Yamaha-built ebike they showed last December at the Tokyo Motor Show, though, VW says they plan to make this folding scooter available for sale.

More on the VW “bike” at Autoblog Green.


  1. Interesting. It really isn't a bike though. What is the definition of a bike?

    Its kind of a hybrid bike, a h-bike?

  2. Wow, that's a spiffy little… whatever it is. Like a Segway, except you sit on it, which allows for a much sleeker design. Or like a power chair, except it has two wheels, which allows for a much sleeker design.

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