Wheels of Fire movie trailer

The man who brought you “It’s All About Performance” and “Get Dirty” now brings you “Wheels of Fire.” This spoof movie trailer shows how bicycling and “the right girl” changes the life of Tommy.

According to this interview, Robin is creating a full feature film around this, though I have a feeling he’s pulling our legs about that. The prominent product placement and film credits suggests some sponsorship (and I know he’s been doing some work for a large SF Bay Area Specialized dealer). It’s pretty cool that a lot of the trailer was filmed during the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California. I wish I knew about it at the time!

How about the stars of the trailer? Somebody will have to help me with Mike Heard, but Lene Byberg is a Norwegian Olympic road cyclist who crossed over into mountain biking, getting second place at the 2009 cross country championships in Canberra, Australia. She plays “the right girl” in the trailer.

Matt Hunter and Brendan Fairclough plays the “Big Money Pros” who kick sand in the protagonist’s face. In real life, Matt and Brendan are pros who race downhill for Specialized.

Via Bike Portland.


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