1. The relocate energy argument is weak.  Electric power has significant advantages and this ad illustrates it.  I would also point out that 100% of the power in my area is hydro due to an excess of snow pack.  Normally it is 70%.  Gas motors have inefficiencies and the transport of fuel is expensive as well.  I love how suddenly when talking about EVs or bikes, the oil lobby suddenly wants to talk about secondary costs, transportation losses, and side-effects. But only for the EV or the bike and then compare it to the cost of a used gas-powered car and fuel.

    Shockingly I think EVs are better than gas-powered automobiles, even if it is just so that my commute becomes less toxic.

  2. This is not just about the Pacific Northwest. Most electricity in the U.S. is not from hydro or sources even more sustainable (I doubt that a massive hydro project could be built in the U.S. these days). I am no oil lobbyist but moreover I am not a private urban vehicle lobbyist. Toasting bread, brushing your teeth etc. with renewable electricity is fine but using it to power an owned-Nissan Leaf is not. In the U.S. – a bit less so in other places – there is way too much emphasis on the vehicle, rather than the system. 

  3. Would be nice if they also included some coal mining scenes and other downsides from our sources of electrical energy –but that was fun and divergent!!!  

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