Fish needs a bicycle

Happy Friday. I’m lying low this year for April Fools Day, but here’s a collection of what I’ve run across the interwebs.

Giro d’Italia says “Ha ha! Never mind!” to Washington DC for 2012.

Carlton Reid reports on a new pothole filling service provided by the UK’s Automobile Association (like AAA in the USA). How far are we from privatized road repair like this?

Velonews: Rapha cream recall.

From the normally staid Transportation Nation: NYC DOT study finds Pedestrian-on-pedestrian crashes alarmingly frequent.

Gah! That’s as much Comic Sans as I can stand. Back to normal text.

Firebox Recycle cardboard bicycle

Cute one: cardboard bicycle with paper chains folds flat for easy storage and multimodal travel. Only £14.99 with free delivery from Firebox. Note also the left side drive and egg carton saddle.

Mountain biker Grizzly Adams gives up the limitations of his sport to become a triathlete.

Bike helmet with integrated wig for maximum safety.

Bike junkie’s best April Fools joke ever involved a stolen car and packing peanuts.

Rapha jokes about their climbing lead, but surely they’ve heard of the Bicycle Bungee (a real product in New Zealand)?

UK Community nurses get reimbursed for their driving. Nursing Times reports this driving allowance will be replaced with bike shop vouchers, which seems like a reasonable idea to me.

Parental cruelty disguised as an April Fools joke.

Audi & Renovo team up for an Audi-branded wooden bicycle. I’m not certain if this is an April Fools joke or not, but bad timing on Audi’s part if this is real.

NYC April Fools Alleycat 2011 tonight beginning in Tribeca Park.

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