First work day of 2011

Happy First Monday of 2011, you working stiffs. Here’s a roundup of stuff that you might have missed over the holidays.

Midwest Open bike polo.

Neat essay on winter cycling from Minnesota Public Radio: Cycling in “snirt”.

Slightly snarky winter cycling tips with helpful graphic!

New York City plows their bike paths; some people object.

Bike eating snow blower.

Old trick: Zip tie snow tires.

Williamsburg Virginia woman commutes by bike in all weather.

Grist: Bad traffic in China.

Grist: Cities safer than suburbs for children.

SFBC: New Artist-Designed Bike Racks in San Francisco.

San Francisco The SF Peninsula and South Bay move forward with bike sharing plan. More about this in the Merc News.

Bike share in Miami Beach.

Los Angeles and hiking trail bike bans.

The System: Bicycle Venn Diagram.

Specialized first gear program for kids.

Bike safety classes for New York drivers.

India: bikes for school girls.

Yet Another Bicycle Saddle built for “comfort.”



  1. Man, I’ve seen that zip-tie snow tire post repeated about 100 times in the last week, and not one time have I seen it mentioned that it only works on disc-brake wheels. I really hope no one discovers that the hard way.

  2. works on fixed gear bikes too, but I assumed it’s blindlingly obvious that rim brakes won’t work with it. I’ve overestimated the intelligence of people before, though.

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