Recreational computing while commuting

Happy Hump Day. I hope your Wednesday has been as free of flats as mine as been so far.

I began the day writing and running my first ever Android app — a trivial “Hello World” program — during my 30 minute bus ride over the Santa Cruz Mountains. After that, I rode seven uneventul miles to the office, and now here I am.

American Indian Dreamcatcher bicycle

Bicycle (and other transportation related) news

Mike Joos bicyle art: Indian w/ dream catcher wheels (shown at right).

I’ve linked to this before, but I think it’s worth repeating: a foot in each camp.

British Cycling says Olympic venue is a waste of money that won’t benefit London beyond 2012.

London opens two more cycling super highways.

Katy Perry on a bicycle.

Cambridge bicycle share, maybe.

A surprising number of bike thefts reported in this Oak Park, IL police blotter.

Palatine, IL approves town bike plan.

$10,000 Federal Grant for four new bikes for the bike patrol in Waynesboro.

Bicyclist heat stroke death in Kansas. Please hydrate and take it easy in this weather, folks, if you’re not acclimated to the heat.

Bike Shop Girl previews Cannondale’s 2012 Bad Girl urban line of bikes.

New York fashion label 3.1 Philip Lim uses bicycles to show off their Fall / Winter 2011 line.

The criminalization of walking.

Nate Montana (son of Joe) pleads guilty to reckless driving.

Join the Bike Hugger Google+ Roll Call.

epic fail photos - Bicycle Lane FAIL


  1. • Katy Perry on another bicycle! For my money, you just can’t get enough of that. Alas, the link’s broken. Is she wearing, say, a bike helmet that shoots frosting?

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