It’s a beautiful day in Santa Cruz. My dog certainly enjoyed the weather as she rode to the dog park on the Burley cargo trailer with my daughter and I.

Dog Park Ride

A bike shop owner in Osaka, Japan, travels 600 miles to tsunami and quake ravaged Iwate prefecture to fix bicycles at an evacuation center. Because of fuel shortages, damaged roads, and broken public transit, bicycles and other human powered wheeled conveyances have become a critical piece of the transportation puzzle in northeast Japan.

Diabetes diagnosis pushes a teacher to bike to work. Since middle school teacher John Scanlan began biking to work, his A1C numbers have dropped to normal and four other teachers have joined him in the daily bike commute.

A mainstream travel column pushes the Bixi bike share in Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa.

WSJ Story and slideshow on the 1,000 mile, eleven stage Tour of Pakistan, where racers endure thrown rocks, an armed escort, very little funding and almost zero public enthusiasm. On the podium, winners “get firm handshakes from mustachioed local officials in baggy tunics and pants.” Organizers try hard to get foreigners to race, but terrorism fears keep everybody away. The only foreign team came from Afghanistan, whose riders say “In Pakistan, the whole time we relax,” because the country is so much safer than their home. Via Blacknell.


  1. “It’s a beautiful day in Santa Cruz”… okay I admit it. I’m tired of Minnesota winters. Do you have room in your garage for my Schwinn, a sleeping cot and a mini fridge for beer?

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