Punk rock girl please look at me

An old friend posted a note to Facebook inviting everybody to talk about how they met their Valentine. Here’s how I met mine.

I was walking through the university student union with my Pentax camera near the beginning of the school year when this weird punk rock girl with bleached asymmetrical New Wave hair caught my eye. She wore bowling shoes labeled “L” and “R.” She walked straight to me and asked me to take her photo so she could send it to her mom in South Dakota.

I don’t remember if I ever took that photo, but here it is over two decades later and I’m still married to that Swedish punk rock girl.

I realize not everybody is as lucky as I to have a Valentine. The top two search phrases for Valentines Day here was from people searching for Taylor Swift photos and porn photos, though I’m pretty sure you won’t find what you’re looking for here.


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National Park Service officials declined organizers request to run the Quizno’s Pro Challenge through Colorado National Monument. Senator Mark Udall from Colorado asks them to reconsider.

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Finally back to porn: Bike Snob NYC talks about the ill effects of smugness porn.


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